Another Success in Combating Hate Online

May 1, 2013

Dear co-thinkers,

this is to inform you that the following defamatory pseudo-Romani websites had stopped to function this March: and

As most of you know they attacked every single widely known Roma activist in belonging to a "Jewish conspiracy" and they accused Jewish people in causing harm to Roma throughout the history...

We systematically protested against these websites and also against their author Hilda Schultheiss (the imposter living in Melbourne, Australia) since September 2010. You can see our Protest Petition on (251 persons signed it). It was even featured in August 2011 in the bulletin of Hannah Rosenthal, Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, US Government. Look here

Thanks to strong actions of Australian German and Jewish communities in support of our protest these websites stopped to be updated in December 2011, their defamatory content had been predominantly deleted and now even their directories finally disappeared.

The lesson that we learned from this is that we can achieve positive results in any matter WHEN we react jointly in a spirit of solidarity. And it does not matter if we protest against hate online or structural racism offline. Sooner or later we shall succeed!


Respectfully yours,

Mr. Valery Novoselsky,

Executive Editor, Roma Virtual Network.


November 1, 2011

I have been targeted, along with a number of other Romani civil rights activists, by a campaign from a group of hate sites, all owned by one person. These sites are anti-Roma and anti-Semitic, and they are spreading lies and slander. The author of these sites falsely claims to represent the Romani people, while at the same time accusing its well-known leaders and spokespersons of being imposters who are working in collusion with Jews to destroy the Romani people. These sites are spreading false information and promoting hatred. We need to see these sites for what they are. They are anti-Roma sites. Efforts to have them closed down and removed are underway.

I advise readers not to be taken in by false conspiracy theories. The responsibility for hate crimes against Roma rests on the perpetrators of the crimes, as well as on those politicians, political parties, hate groups, writers and any other individuals who promote stereotyping and hatred of the Roma. Responsibility also rests on governments who fail to prevent persecution of the Roma, and media organizations that continue to allow publication of misinformation about Roma and to allow mention of ethnicity in crime reporting only when the crime is attributed to a Romani person.

All of this is true, but the idea that there is a secret network of Jews promoting hatred against Roma is obviously false. There is no credible evidence for it, and such an idea contradicts common sense. A close look at these hate sites reveals a collection of illogical arguments, manipulated photos, unsupported accusations and lies that are being presented as "truth".

Mr. Valery Novoselsky,
Executive Editor, Roma Virtual Network.

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