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         Thinking about Anti-Tziganizm and Anti-Semitism in todays Romania June 2013

         My own path in Romani identity May 2013

         Open letter to the leadership of Israel-Azerbaijan International Association (AZIZ) January 2013

         Appeal to the international community regarding the growth of anti-Semitism in Ukraine December 2012, by Eleonora Grossman

         The Best Solution for Palestine - February 2012

         Roma Virtual Network Supporters' Testimonials - December 2011

         Christmas Fair in Budapest - December 2009

         Romani Role in the Media - Strategies, Practices, Goals - November 2009

         Barcelona the City of talents, the City of Masterpieces, the City of the Future - November 2009

         In the Heart of Europe in July - July 2008

         Istanbul in June - June 2008

         Elections to Pan-Hellenic Union of Greek Rom in Athens on 6-8 April 2008 -April 2008

         International Conference "Remembrance as a commitment for peace, democracy and human rights" - Dresden, Germany - February 2008

         The ethnic palette in the Land of Israel

         Notes on nowadays expressions of intolerance in Israel and Europe

         My encounter with Jewish Madrid

         2001 International Romani Union Report: The Gypsy People of Israel, Gaza & the West Bank

         Internet and Public Diplomacy in the Formation of Nor-Territorial Roma Nation

         European Roma in the State of Israel

         Report on the emergence of neo-Nazi groups in Israel

Articles in Russian

The Year of 2010

         Budapest at the Warm Season of the Year - September 2010

The Year of 2009

         The Athens - The Capitol of Greece - September 2009

         Budapest - The Budapest Panorama - July 2009

         Strasburg - The Capitol of Europe (part 2) - July 2009

         Strasburg - The Capitol of Europe (part 1) - July 2009

         Sharm Al-Sheikh - June 2009

         Belgrade - At the Joint of the Balkans and the Central  Europe - June 2009

         International Romani Education Conference - June 2009 - Belgrad, Serbia

         Larnaka waits for the guests - April 2009

         A Walk around Brussels with an Umbrella - April 2009

         Prague, beautiful Prague - April 2009

         100 years to Tel-Aviv - April 2009

         For Tourists to Note: Istanbul in Spring - April 2009

         A Book fair in the Land of the People of the Book, and looking for something about Roma - February 2009

The Year of 2008

         The Roma in Israel and in the Palestinian Autonomy - Autumn 2008

         The Zoo "Artis" in Amsterdam - November 2008

         The Charms of the Autumn Madrid - November 2008

         The Diversity of Jerusalem - November 2008

         The Seventh International Congress of Roma in Zagreb - October 2008

         A Day in Hague - September 2008

         Brussels in September 2008

         Brussels. The First European Summit regarding the Roma Integration - September 2008

         A Synagogue in Sophia - July 2008

         Vitosh Mountain near Sophia - July 2008

         Bulgarian Capital in the Midst of Summer - July 2008

         Vienna. Vienna in July - July 2008

         Around Istanbul in June - June 2008

         The Athens in April - April 2008

         Elections to the Pan-Greece Union of Roma - April 2008

         International Conference "The Memory as the Faithfulness to Peace, Democracy and Human Rights - February 2008

The Year of 2007

         Is it a Dialogue about Peace or a Monologue on a Mirage of it? - December 2007

         If You Do Not Have a Friend - Seek Him, if You Have Found a Friend - Keep Him - November 2007

         Indian Impressions - Autumn 2007

o    Indian Impressions, Part One

o    Indian Impressions, Part Two

o    Indian Impressions, Part Three

         The Struggle against Antisemitism in Israel, or "One Can not Invent it Even on Purpose"- August 2007

         Sabantui in the Holy Land - July 2007

         Yozefov - the Jewish City in Prague - July 2007

         A Storm in the Glass of Water - May 2007

         Paul Limansky Visit to Belgium and Luxemburg - April 2007

o    Paul Limansky Visit to Belgium and Luxemburg, Day One

o    Paul Limansky Visit to Belgium and Luxemburg, Day Two

o    Paul Limansky Visit to Belgium and Luxemburg, Day Three

o    Paul Limansky Visit to Belgium and Luxemburg, Day Four

o    Paul Limansky Visit to Belgium and Luxemburg, Day Five

o    Paul Limansky Visit to Belgium and Luxemburg, Day Six

o    Paul Limansky Visit to Belgium and Luxemburg, Day Seven

o    Paul Limansky Visit to Belgium and Luxemburg, Day Eight

         A Meeting with the Jewish Madrid - April 2007

         An Answer to the Article "Foolishness or Betrayal? Where does the Press Service of the Mufti Counsel Take their Statements? - March 2007

The Year of 2006

         A Conference of the Romani Journalists in Stockholm - June 2006

         Opre, Roma! - May 2006

         The Absurd Hatred - May 2006

         Paul Limansky Report of his Business Trip to Geneva - March 2006

The Year of 2005

         The Community of Russian Lipovans in Romania - March 2005

The Year of 2004

         125 Years Celebration of the Establishment of the Diplomatic Relations between Bulgaria and Russia - July 2004

         "Russian Spies" According to the Desire of the Israeli Prime Minister's Bureau - July 2004

         The World Congress of Russian Press in Bulgaria - July 2004

         Russian Diaspora in Paraguay - May 2004

         The Hebrews of Paraguay: the Past and the Future - May 2004

         Russian Community in the Land of Fiords - May 2004

         The Russians on the Banks of La-Plata and the Vast Lands of Patagonia - May 2004

         Genocide of our Days: the Omnipotence of the Israeli   - January 2004

The Year of 2003

         The World according to "Dr. M" Afterword to the Summit of the Islamic Conference Organization in Malaysia - November 2003

         So, Who is Russia Siding With? - October 2003

         Ironic Repatriation or No one expected It - August 2003

The Year of 2002

         Israeli Paradoxes: An Insight from Within, a Look upon from the Outside - October 2002

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