Christmas Fair in Budapest (pictures)

Saturday 19 December 2009

The celebration of Christmas in Europe is taken very seriously. For shops' owners the Christmas is a feast of grace: it is precisely in these days that millions of customers rush to hunt for gifts for their loved ones.

In pre-New Year season, a Christmas Fair opens in Budapest every year on Vörösmarty Square in the heart of Pest . It begins its work in late November so that every resident of the city would manage to buy something. This year "Christmas in Budapest" is in its eleventh year, with the events are held on the last Sunday of November each year and come to their end just before the New Year. A fabulous city grows in the center. There you can find various souvenirs, jewelry and many useful things.

Walk along the famous commercial and tourist street Vaci, at the end of which there is a wonderful Christmas market from November 20 up to December 29 this year . Here and mulled wine and sausages, and a huge variety of delicacies that are certainly worth a try. Here is a small stage on which traditional music is being played during throughout the day, and the Hungarians, dressed in traditional costumes, sing, dance and entertain the audience. Here is also the oldest  Cafe in Budapest - the Gerbeaud Caffee. It was opened in 1958, encouraged visitors by hot coffee with soft creamy foam and legendary cakes Esterhazy and Sacher-cake, which in the days of Advent are baked with special care.

This event, one of the largest of its kind in Europe, became gradually an integral part of the holiday season beginning. It is the largest public event in the capital outside the main tourist season and it is a very popular one, both among the locals and the visitors. Moreover, many visitors come specifically to Budapest in order to go to the market.

Holiday melodies and tart flavors flow in the air through the motley ranks of the fairground tents, stirring the imagination of visitors and residents, and dissolving somewhere in the mysterious space between the modern high-rise buildings and the business centers. The market wakes up at 9 am, and the pulse of its festive life reaches its climax in the evening, when half the town gathers here for dinner that consists of traditional kolbasz (hungarian fried sausage with paprika), mulled wine and apple strudel.

As for gifts and festive accessories, you would find here everything your heart desires, starting with simple wooden statuettes and unpretentious jewelry all the way up to high-quality ceramic art works.

Christmas Bazaar is a great opportunity to combine the sometimes tedious process of selecting a gift with the extravaganza of entertainment. The friendly festive atmosphere, the treated turquoise colored sky and frosty air call the travelers to visit the most romantic Christmas capital of Europe - Budapest.

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