In the Heart of Europe in July
Valery Novoselsky
Vienna is the city of luxurious palaces and majestic squares, colorific streets and numerous public gardens.
Vienna - the ancient city with the famous name, which wakens up the dreams.
The Austrian capital on Danube river is the mixture of antiquity and modernity, of high-skill art and of kitch.
This is the city of artists and judges of art.


Vienna is rightfully considered as one of the most fascinating cities of Europe.
The former capital of Austrian- Hungarian empire, Vienna strikes with her sublimity and luxury, with her charm and warmth...
This is unusually multifaced city.
Vienna is rightfully entitled as the Heart of Europe.
In this excellent city the feeling of a holiday would not leave you, whenever you visit it, whether in the summer or in the winter.

Regardless of the season, in the evening Vienna turns into one of the most excellent European cities.
Cultural life of a city poures into the opera and concert halls.
The restaurants in a city offer rich selection - the small local cafes, as well as serious restaurants, are aimed for the epicures and judges of special cuisine.
There are many night clubs, diskotecs and casinos in Vienna.
They are open for the visitors till the early morning.

Hoffburg is a historical center of Vienna. It was serving as the residence of Austro-Hungarian Emperor till 1918.
Being emerged as a medieval castle, Hoffburg was enlarged proportionally to an increase of Habsburgs's power.
In a course of several centuries Hoffburg became the enormous palace complex, which unites several palaces, treasure-house with the Emperor crowns, a number of museums, the choir, where the Vienna Choir Boys are performing, and the manege of the Spanish Riding School.


This photoreport is composed by Valery NOVOSELSKY, the participant of Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting "Sustainable Policies for Roma and Sinti Integration", organized by the OSCE (The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) in Vienna on 10-11 July 2008.

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Mr. Valery Novoselsky
Consultant of European Roma Information Office (ERIO)

Galilee, Israel

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