The European Roma Information Office (ERIO)

    The European Roma Information Office (ERIO) is an international advocacy organization, which promotes political and public discussion on Roma issues by providing factual and in-depth  information on a range of policy issues to the European Union institutions, Roma civil organizations, governmental authorities and intergovernmental bodies.

    ERIO aims at combating racist discrimination against Roma and at contributing to awareness raising on the problems faced by Roma communities. It advocates for the rights of Roma people, by designing and promoting policies which are oriented to the improvement of the socio-economic situation and social inclusion of Roma in Europe. Moreover, ERIO promotes the participation of Roma communities into the decision-making processes at the European, national and local level.
ERIO works for sensitising EU institutions on the importance of the development of equal opportunities for Roma in the EU member States as well as in the accessing and in the candidate countries.

    ERIO cooperates with a network of a large number of organizations and acts to combat racial discrimination and social exclusion through awareness raising, lobbying and policy development.

    ERIO collaborates with a wide network of Roma organisations throughout Europe.  ERIO aims at  strengthening the contacts between Roma organisations and decision-making bodies in the European Union, in order to reach an equal participation of the Roma at European level.

    Currently, ERIO is  focusing on anti-discrimination policies in the fields of education, employment, health care and housing.

    Notwithstanding the role ERIO plays in the advocacy of Roma rights at European level, ERIO does not aim at replacing any kind of Roma political representation. ERIO does not represent European Roma nor is in competition with other Roma organisations. ERIO, as an informational platform, ensures that the voice of European Roma is heard by the EU  and governmental officials.

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